Tolkien, Fairy Stories, and Sub-creation

I was first introduced to Tolkien’s The Hobbit when I was a pre-teen. At that point I was not familiar with The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings trilogy (the movies had not yet premiered). I had the joy and privilege to experience this story with a blank slate, knowing nothing about the book besides the cover image. Thus IContinue reading “Tolkien, Fairy Stories, and Sub-creation”

A Day in the Life of Your Favorite Book Character (Anodos)

If you could spend a day as your favorite book character, who would it be? I wanted to think outside the box a little bit here and choose a character lesser known than, say, a certain famous hobbit. Then it hit me: Anodos! Anodos is the name of the main character in the Victorian fairyContinue reading “A Day in the Life of Your Favorite Book Character (Anodos)”