Puritan Age-Victorian Age

This page encompasses a very wide range of English literature, but I went ahead and grouped them all together since it was what we will cover throughout the period. The Puritan Age through the Victorian Age is approximately 1625-1900. That’s a lot of literature! Here I will post resources that will complement what we are doing in class.

Puritan Age

John Milton

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Puritan Period prezi of the historical period surrounding the rise of puritanism

The John Milton Reading Room Dartmouth College’s homepage with incredibly helpful resources for studying John Milton.

“Il Penseroso” or “The Thinker.” Here is the full poem with really helpful in-text notes put together by Dartmouth College.

“L’Allegro” or “The Happy One.” The companion poem to “Il Penseroso,” also with notes.

Milton, “L’Allegro” and “Il Penseroso”: summaries The handout received in class with summaries of Milton’s two poems.


Restoration Period/Age of Enlightenment 

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Robinson Crusoe is often considered to be the first English novel. It was written as prose (non-poetry) fiction, which was a significant change from poetical forms that had dominated the landscape of literary fiction prior.

The Age of Enlightenment class handout There is a link in the handout to help find the contents of the document


Romantic and Victorian Periods

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Romantic and Victorian Literature class handout