British Lit

Anglo Saxon Period

  • BBC’s short history of the Anglo-Saxons: HERE
  • A more thorough history of the English language with a helpful timeline: HERE
  • An awesome interactive, “Ages of English Timeline” by BBC: HERE

Middle English Period

  • Chivalry document This document lists ten common characteristics of knights–the chivalry code. It also has a few questions based on an analysis between the depiction of knights in English literature as well as the parody, Monty Python and the Holy Grail. 
  • Chaucer in Contemporary Language This is a great resource for reading Chaucer in a very contemporary translation. Though the Middle English is rewarding and as horrible as it feels reading Chaucer in prose, this is particularly helpful for my students who are not native English speakers. Even the “modern” translation uses non-contemporaneous language that can be difficult to read.

Shakespeare (separate page)

John Milton


Romantic/Victorian Period

Twentieth Century