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Julius Caesar Act III questions (from the A Beka Book)

Scene 1

  1. How is Caesar’s pride illustrated in this scene?
  2. How does Antony respond to Caesar’s death?
  3. What warning does Cassius give Brutus concerning Antony’s funeral speech?

Scene 2

  1. How does Brutus explain the assassination of Caesar? How does the crowd respond to Brutus’ speech?
  2. What does Antony say in his funeral speech? How does the crowd respond to him?
  3. Although Antony claims that he is not trying to stir up the people, show what he does to stir them up.
  4. Brutus puts loyalty to Rome before loyalty to a friend; Antony puts loyalty to a friend before loyalty to Rome. With whom do you most agree and why? What is wrong with both positions?

Scene 3

  1. What bit of comic relief is presented in this scene?
  2. What does this scene indicate about the mob?

Act IV questions (this is not an assignment, only a means for studying)

  1. How is Lepidus characterized by Antony and Octavius?
  2. What traits of Caesar has Antony developed?
  3. What are Antony and Octavius now planning?
  4. What apparent change has occurred in the relationship between Brutus and Cassius?
  5. What was the nature of the quarrel between Brutus and Cassius?
  6. What opinion of Caesar does Brutus indicate in the quarrel?
  7. How does Brutus respond to Portia’s death? Explain why he responds this way.
  8. How does Brutus respond to the appearance of Caesar’s ghost? Explain why he responds this way.

Period 4 extra credit assignment: Choose one of the “Composition Suggestions” in the book and write a minimum 200 word essay. You may not quote more than 20% directly from the book. If you use a quote, put the page number in parentheses. If you reference a source outside the book, write the name of the source. Structure like a proper essay: introduction, body, and conclusion (separate paragraphs). Standard MLA format (blog). See writing rubric (blog). Due Monday, May 29th. 

  1. Which character, Brutus or Cassius, would best fit Aristotle’s description of a tragic hero?
  2. Discuss the uses of dramatic irony, situations in which a character does not fully understand the significance of a speech or action of which the audience is aware.
  3. Which two of the following characters are most alike: Brutus, Cassius, Caesar, Antony? Which are opposites? Compare and contrast these characters.
  4. What political truths can be learned from this play?
  5. Which would you consider the best ruler: Brutus, Caesar, or Antony? Explain your choice.
  6. Discuss the role of the supernatural in the play.
  7. Explain how each act of this play fits the general dramatic structure of the traditional five-act play.