African American Literature resources

Shotgun, Third Ward #1, 1966 by John Biggers

The United States of America historically has been unkind to minority (non-Western) peoples with the treatment of African Americans arguably being the worst. Nevertheless, brave men and women have used ink and pen as weapons to fight injustice and have produced some of the most beautiful literature in the world. Here are some resources to better understand the African American context and voice.

“African American History and Literature” prezi

“A History of Slavery in the United States” is an easy, interactive timeline of slavery in the U.S.

“Slavery and the Making of America” a guide to slavery in the States by PBS

“Freedom’s Story: Teaching African American Literature and History” by the National Humanities Center

“African American Spirituals” by The McGraw-Hill Companies

Uncle Tom’s Cabin excerpt

Introduction to Uncle Tom’s Cabin (video) by PBS’ “American Experience”