El Salvador: Día de la Independencia y La Naturaleza


I didn’t anticipate posting about El Salvador again so soon, but I captured some more great moments that I wanted to share.

In El Salvador, Independence Day is September 15th, and this year was the 195th celebration. Despite a turbulent history there is strength, perseverance, and tremendous national pride.

My friends (i.e. my second family) had to pick me up at 7am (I begged not to be picked up at 6am) in order to avoid the chaotic traffic of the parades that took place the entire morning. We drove to Nueva Ascension, the birthplace of my madre salvadoreña, and I was blessed to see more of this great country.

Finally, a piece of advice: if you ever find yourself in El Salvador during the month of September, go to the nearest Mister Donut to enjoy 2×1. They’re delicious, and they’re Salvadorian.

Río Lempa
elote asado…originalment mi amigo lo llamó “elote quemado” jaja
and here I thought you were supposed to drink water from a bottle
thank God for four-wheel drive
I love these guys…
un rancho
look…I found my new means of transportation


Finally, to reiterate the beauty of this place.




  1. Santiago Zelaya says:

    It is awesome that you are enjoying my beloved El Salvador. 195 years ago, our ancestors fought for independence and we celebrate it with so much happiness.
    I Hope you can continue enjoying our culture and our beautiful heritage.

    Santiago Zelaya (12 B)

    1. calebjwestbrook says:

      Thanks Santiago! I’m blessed! (+2)

  2. Adriana santos says:

    I enjoy reading all of your Salvadoran posts, they just make me so happy. Also, I enjoy he fact that you got to see an independence parade in El Salvador. I hope you have more fun adventures in this country and that you get to enjoy every single moment you spent in El Salvador.

    Adriana Santos #10 12B

    1. calebjwestbrook says:

      El Salvador makes me happy too! 🙂 Thanks! (+2)

  3. Kevin Saravia says:

    It’s good to see that someone from another country is enjoying our independence. There are some Salvadorians that do not like to be here, but I seems that you are having fun in our small country. I recomend you to visit Olocuilta or Planes de Renderos. You are going to find the best pupusas there.
    12B #11

    1. calebjwestbrook says:

      Thanks! I really do enjoy it! (+2)

  4. Cantique says:

    I really like the fact that you are going out and exploring El Salvador. It really looks like you are enjoying it. You should go to El Volcan de Santa Ana for an awesome experience!

    11B #6

    1. calebjwestbrook says:

      Thanks Cantique! I’m having a great experience! (+1)

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