El Salvador: My Adventure So Far

“Life itself is a quotation.” -Jorge Luis Borges

As stated in my “About Me” page, the purpose of the blog is to share literary posts and resources (especially for my students). However, I’m living in El Salvador and wanted to share some of my experiences so far. There’s so much travel literature that exists, so there’s my loose connection: for the win!

I arrived in El Salvador nearly two months ago, and as a first-year teacher, most of my time is spent grading and lesson-planning. However, I’m trying to get out and see this beautiful country as well!

Parque Arqueologico San Andres
Lago de Coatepeque
Catedral de Santa Ana
Catedral de Santa Ana
Teatro de Santa Ana
My Salvadorian family…my home away from home.
Resultado de imagen para el salvador pupusas
…and of course, pupusas (con curtido y salsa)


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

El Día de los Farolitos is a festival on September 7th in the area of Ahuachapán. The day has two origin stories: a remembrance of a great earthquake that hit around 1850 or the celebration of the Virgin Mary’s birth. Beautiful, colored lamps are displayed throughout the town (we visited Ataco, the most popular celebration destination and a real gem). Though I saw one other gringo, this is a celebration for Salvadorians: music, street food, dancing, and lots of people. After walking around for a couple hours, my friends and I finished the night with dinner at Sibaritas.

So many great adventures and so many to come! So far, I think the farolitos are my favorite experience.


      1. Ah, yes, I saw! Thank you; that’s very kind of you to think of me and my blog. And congratulations to you for your own nomination!

    1. Thanks so much! As is common with blogs (I suspect), it kind of takes a life of its own. Your comment has prompted me to update my “About Me” since the purpose/direction has slightly evolved. I’m really enjoying it. Have a great day!

  1. Hey Mr. Caleb I am glad that you are having a great time here in El Salvador and that you enjoy spending time with your friends. Hopefully you get to know more of our culture eventually.
    11A #15

  2. Hello Mr! It is nice to see how much fun you are having while living here in El Salvador. Personally, I hope you like our country and people as little by little you get to know it! Hopefully you get to visit the beach or mountains as well. You will definitely like them!
    11″A” #11

  3. Mr. Caleb these pictures are amazing! I hope that you get to really be infatuated with this country. I am 100% positive about how much you will love beaches in here, and maybe you can do a senior trip to some place with us (“education trip” of course ehmm)
    12A #9

  4. Mr. Caleb am glad you are enjoying El Salvador. You are doing a great job at school, congratulations!!
    Also I like your passion of playing BKB, you are really good man!

  5. Hi Mr. I’m hapy that you can enjoy our country. El Salvador has so many places where you can go and have a nice time. You should definitely go to the beaches here, personally I recommend Costa Azul or El Tunco.
    I hope you contiue to enjoy and get to love our country!

  6. Mr Caleb, it’s really fun to see how besides teaching you’re taking the time to get to know our country better. I hope you’re having lots of fun!!

  7. Mr. Caleb, I really liked this post you shared about the places you have visit in El Salvador. My favorite part was the video of “La Fiesta de Farolitos”. I hope you can visit many other places in this country. Enjoy it!

  8. Mr. Caleb, I’m very glad you are enjoying this country so much and learning about our culture, I hope you can continue visiting other interesting places here and keep enjoying your stay. Nice pictures by the way!

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