Resources (Literature and Beyond)

Okay, so this is my first full week teaching…exhausting. But exhilarating as well! I’m blessed to teach what I love. And when you teach what you love, you LOVE finding great resources. I’m very fond of various teaching methods, especially visuals and those that increase interaction. Thus, I wanted to share (unashamedly hoping some of my students find this post) one of the neat tools I’ve come across: infographics from Course Hero. HERE is their Pinterest board, and HEREis their teaching resource website. We’re beginning to study Chaucer next week in my British Lit. class, so maybe someone will stumble upon this infographic before seeing it in class.


  1. Jose H. (12A-#11) says:

    I loved the Best Novel Ever Written (Alice in Wonderland) infographic infographic and the Dracula infographic in Pinterest.

    1. calebjwestbrook says:

      Very cool. Yes, I love those infographics. I know it’s for another class, but I posted another one in the “Mythology” resources for World Lit. about the Greek gods…pretty interesting. (+2)

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